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How to Reduce Your Office Operating Expenses in 2023?

In previous years, we were accustomed to not having unexpected increases to our electricity and gas bills. However, like many other expenses, utility bills have recently increased. Consequently, energy conservation has become a prominent concern not only in our households but also in our workplaces. As a result, most modern offices, including the ACADEMIA Office Building, are now adopting advanced technologies to cut such expenses. To help you maintain an efficient office operation, we’ve compiled some useful tips.

Amidst Doubt

The energy crisis has raised numerous doubts and questions among market players. Many office moves have been curtailed as managers seek to minimize their costs. In contrast, older rental properties often sign fixed-rate energy contracts for up to two years, which don’t adjust if prices drop.

In response to market conditions, rapid-response office buildings, like ACADEMIA, have emerged. These landlords review prices quarterly and always offer the best currently available rates to their clients. This proactive approach results in lower and more predictable operating expenses.

The First StepsWhile there are many ways to improve energy efficiency in everyday office life, the choice and design of the office also plays a key role.

  • When searching for an office, it’s worth considering the green certifications of rental properties. The most common rating in Hungary is BREEAM, which assesses the building’s environmental awareness level, operation, and users.
  • Additionally, exploring the Knowledge base of green certifications is advisable before actively hunting for an office.

During the search, one should also focus on technologies and services used in buildings that can further reduce long-term costs. ACADEMIA, for instance, prioritizes the use of modern solutions and state-of-the-art technologies to save energy from the design phase.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Cost Efficiency

Furnishing the office with energy consumption in mind can also contribute to cost efficiency:

  • Opt for equipment with lower energy requirements and energy classification  “A” when making purchases (e.g. AV technology, projectors, TVs, microwaves, server climate control, water machines, designer lamps). Although this might increase initial costs, it guarantees long-term operation cost reduction.
  • Modern offices emphasize automated systems and lighting technologies. ACADEMIA, in its recent renovation, took these features into account, providing an excellent solution for managing “left-on” lights.

One of the most important steps in saving energy is controlling the indoor temperature.

The ideal office temperature is 21.5°C in winter and 24.5°C in summer, but it may vary significantly among different offices. A 1-2 degree reduction in the setting can result in energy savings of 3-5% for large consumers.

In the renewal of the ACADEMIA office building’s mechanical system, the developer’s aim was to incorporate modern technology into every aspect of the improvements, striving for 100 percent integration. In this spirit, not only an energy-efficient cooling system but also a heat pump were installed in the central system, allowing for cost-effective management of transitional periods with lower consumption.

Among the installations, it’s worth mentioning the fan-coil systems, which also contribute to regulating indoor temperature. Fan-coil systems differ from radiators in that they provide both heating and cooling functions. Furthermore, it’s important to note the installation of ceiling heating and cooling, allowing for achieving comfort levels at lower surface temperatures.

The new Building Management System (BMS) allows us to regulate these systems on a room-by-room basis, aligning with office presence. This presence-based comfort control significantly contributes to the optimized energy utilization of the building.

Energy-Efficient Offices:

  • During asset acquisition, it is advisable to choose devices with lower energy demands and belonging to class “A” whenever possible. (e.g. AV technology, projectors, TVs, microwaves, server air conditioners, water appliances, design lamps) This might increase expenses initially, but over the long term, it undoubtedly reduces costs.
  • Automated systems and lighting technologies play a significant role in the design of the most modern offices. The newly renovated ACADEMIA also considered the importance of these functions, thus equipping our offices with presence sensors and light sensors, which provide excellent solutions, among other things, to counter the issue of “lights left on.

By following these recommendations, your office spending will become more predictable and manageable, leading to long-term cost reductions. Choosing an office is a critical decision, as maintaining the working environment represents one of the most significant costs for companies. ACADEMIA’s renovation considers all these aspects, providing an excellent opportunity not only to create a modern environment for companies but also to integrate conscious thinking and minimize costs.

Solar Energy as the Source of the Future:

After the following investments mentioned, ACADEMIA doesn’t stop making progress. In the spirit of efficiency enhancement, our colleagues are already exploring the possibility of installing solar panels and utilizing the directly generated energy.


One of Hungary's most dynamically evolving startups, Shapr3D signed a contract for nearly 2,000 sqm of leased space at ACADEMIA.
The most unique offices and office buildings of the year were honored at Várkert Bazár on April 4th. Awards had been presented in 13 different categories.
A fully accessible environment welcomes employees and visitors arriving with wheelchairs, strollers, elderly individuals, those with limited mobility, and those accompanied by assistance dogs at ACADEMIA office building. Operated by ConvergenCE, following CityZen, ZenGarden, and Kálvin Square, the building in the 5th district has also obtained the Access4you Certified Venue designation.
We spend approximately ninety percent of our time indoors. That's why it's crucial that the (shared) spaces we enter daily, where we spend our time, adequately support our health, safety, and well-being. ConvergenCE aims to provide the best conditions in this regard for its tenants and visitors. ACADEMIA is the first downtown building to receive WELL pre-certification.
From 11 December on, enthusiasts of specialty coffees and doughnuts can find a new favorite spot in the heart of Budapest. BADASS Coffee & Donut has moved to the ground floor of ACADEMIA, where fans of light-roasted coffee can recharge in the unique atmosphere of the modern lobby.
On September 28, the renovated ACADEMIA office building officially opened its doors. In the opening speech, Csaba Zeley, the CEO of ConvergenCE, expressed his gratitude to the existing tenants for their patience and cooperation during the renovation works, as they continued to carry out their daily tasks in the building. Kinstellar is the longest-standing tenant in ACADEMIA.
Tonight, within ACADEMIA’s enchanting reception the newly refurbished property’s grand opening took place, marking the emergence of a new jewel in Budapest's 5th district, the heart of the city. This building, boasting an outstanding location, a view of the Danube, and an impressive façade, has been reborn through the collaborative efforts of Europa Capital and ConvergenCE. The state-of-the-art office complex, designed and outfitted with cutting-edge technology and numerous eco-friendly solutions, was unveiled with a speech by Mr. Csaba Zeley, the CEO of ConvergenCE.
To commemorate the International Green Building Week, interested guests are welcome to explore ten buildings during the event taking place between September 11 and 15. Participants in the "Green Walk'' program can choose from five locations out of the ten, allowing as many as possible to peek behind the scenes of environmentally-conscious buildings during the guided tours. This year, curious visitors had the opportunity to visit the ACADEMIA Office Building, which will open its doors on September 28th.
The Arago Group, founded in 1995, will become a new tenant in the renovated Danube riverside office building which is reopening its doors at the end of September. Equipped with advanced technology, ACADEMIA will provide 900 square meters to house the Arago asset management company on the buildings impressive sixth floor.

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