Europa Capital and ConvergenCE are first to commit to WiredScore certification in Hungary for the ACADEMIA office building

Launch is part of wider expansion push for WiredScore across Europe. WiredScore certifies over 75m sq m of space globally in 27 countries and ACADEMIA is among the first buildings in Hungary to be commited.

WiredScore, the global certification for technology in real estate, launches its WiredScore and SmartScore certifications in Hungary. The launch comes as part of a wider expansion push across Europe, which will see WiredScore present in 27 markets.

The organisation offers two internationally recognised rating and certification systems to help owners design and promote buildings with better digital connectivity and smart technology.

WiredScore certification empowers landlords to understand, improve, benchmark and promote their building’s digital infrastructure, while SmartScore looks to give guidance around what ‘smart’ really means in relation to commercial buildings, and how it can and should be implemented. The certification provides credibility and certainty to an industry rapidly pursuing digital transformation.

Today’s announcement reinforces WiredScore’s commitment to improving the connectivity of office buildings around the world, enabling a more collaborative, innovative and dynamic future.

WiredScore already rates buildings in the portfolios of international asset managers such as Blackstone, Patrizia and Lendlease, and will be joined in Hungary by European Investment Manager Europa Capital, who has already committed ACADEMIA to being WiredScore certified.

Tom McClellan, Country Director, UK, Ireland and Growth Markets, WiredScore, commented:

“As companies move towards a hybrid way of working, there has never been a more important time to ensure that reliable digital connectivity is at the forefront of this transition, whether that be in the office or in the home
“Indeed, as our buildings come under more and more scrutiny for delivering user-focused outcomes, it has become paramount that landlords and tenants work together to help achieve this. Through definition and measurement of both digital connectivity and smart building technologies, we aim to offer the industry an internationally recognised benchmark to make the world’s buildings smarter and better connected.”

Alongside its product offering across Europe, WiredScore is expanding its Accredited Professionals programme for WiredScore Office and also SmartScore. The programme delivers high-quality training on the WiredScore and SmartScore scorecards and processes, enabling individuals to advise developers, asset managers and property managers on how to design, build and maintain offices that meet and exceed tenants’ digital connectivity and smart technology needs. Companies who have signed up as WiredScore and SmartScore Accredited Professionals include Arup, AECOM, CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, JLL and WSP.

Lynn Smith. Managing Director, Head of Sustainability & Development of Europa Capital commented:

“At Europa Capital we are committed to creating resilience across our portfolios and aim to provide our customers with the best in-building experience. Wiredscore provides us with an industry certification for connectivity that is recognized globally. Our push to certify every office building in our portfolio continues as we see the benefits this brings to tenants and also investors in future proofing our portfolios.”

Csaba Zeley, Managing Director of ConvergenCE, added:

“We are excited to be the first ones to acquire WiredScore’s certification in Hungary for our forthcoming office building with Europa Capital. We have always been strongly committed to providing highly efficient and well-connected workspace experiences to meet the evolving demands of our tenants. We believe that WiredScore helps setting a standard framework for technology in the Hungarian real estate market, encouraging landlords and developers to put more focus on connectivity among people, spaces and technology. This is consistent with our aim to provide a more sustainable, efficient, and liveable environment in all our projects.”


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